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  • Our culture has a growth mindset, involving a dynamic environment founded on a spirit of partnership and creativity, where everyone's contribution is recognized. We focus on individual growth within a collective ethos. The people who flourish combine talent, character and ambition with a desire to be part of a sharing community and an openness to life-long learning and change. Growth comes in many forms such as fresh challenges and responsibilities, new experiences and environments, unlocking latent talents in unexpected roles. Our culture has laid the foundation for so many outstanding careers, both within Pearlfisher and beyond, and for me one of the true pleasures has been to see the impact of our culture on people’s life journeys.

    Mike Branson

    Founding Partner & Group Chairman

  • There are so many things that are special about Pearlfisher but the thing that’s led me to spend nearly a decade of my life here is the culture. And that’s not just parties and holidays (of which there are a lot!), but the universal and organic Pearlfisher culture of curiosity and constant learning, of celebrating people’s successes (in every aspect of their lives) and feeling genuinely valued, cared-for and encouraged, no matter your role. Every day is different, every day has its own challenges, but that’s what keeps us at the top of our game and hungry to think and do, differently. There’s an intangible but palpable magic at Pearlfisher and it’ll have you hooked.

    Chloe Wood

    Head of Marketing and Communications, Global

  • I'm someone that hasn't taken a prescribed, linear path in life toward my career. I've allowed myself to open new doors and wander less-trodden paths along the way. Pearlfisher supports this kind of world way-finding, which I appreciate more than most other characteristics of an employer. And, last year when I proposed a new position for myself, they didn't hesitate to support me in the new role. As a result, I work hard for them. Life is unpredictable and the best out there constantly evolve to fit in with Life, rather than work against it.

    Brandi Parker

    Head of Sustainability, New York

  • Starting a new job is always quite daunting, but starting a job at the beginning of lockdown was terrifying. Whilst it was a learning curve for us all, the support, warmth and welcoming nature of the Pearlfisher team instantly made me feel at ease. I now feel part of the furniture!

    Channola Williams

    Senior Client Manager, London

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